UGC Sponsored Programme - Geoinformatics

About Programme

The programme in Geoinformatics is aimed at teaching to apply geographic information methods and techniques to a variety of research and problem solving processes.

GIS is used by a large variety of people: the Geologist, Botanist, Archaeologist, Geographer, Ecologist etc.

This technology is used by govt. department, municipal corporation, water drainage department, environmental sectors, mineral exploration etc.

Remote Sensing

The diploma in Geoinformatics aims to provide conceptual knowledge on GIS (Geographic information system), Remote Sensing and related fields and hands-on training in various programmes such as follows:

  • GIS (Geographic information system)
  • Remote Sensing
  • Data Interpratation
  • Digital Image Photogrammetry
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Environmental Control
  • GPS
  • Digital Cartography
  • Advance Mapping