About Department

The Department was established in the year 1948. The department offers


B.Sc. in Geology

The course includes the study of minerals, crystals, rocks, fossils, structural geology, economic geology, stratigraphy, hydrogeology, engineering geology and applied geology. Along with theory, practical knowledge of the subject will provide basic ideas related to nature and natural phenomenon like earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and many others.


M.Sc. in Geology (Commenced in 1950)

The course includes the detailed study of the topics of B. Sc. as well as new branches of geology like global tectonics, remote sensing, GIS, geomorphology, geochemistry, marine geology, mathematical geology and environmental geology. Field work and dissertation work are also part of the syllabus. Training at the government/professional institutes like GMDC, ONGC, ISR, ISRO etc is also compulsory.