The Department of Microbiology was established on 20th July 1966. It offers:

B. Sc. (Microbiology)

This three year degree course is first choice of the meritorious students of the passing the 12th Science exam (B group). The students learn about the topics on microbial diversity, taxonomy, isolation, cultivation and identification of bacteria and fungi, microbial physiology, virology, mycology, genetics and biotechnology, fermentations, etc. The department is well equipped with instruments such as LAF, Biosafety cabinet, Cooling centrifuges, instruments for basic molecular biology, etc. The theoretical knowledge is equally supported by the well designed practicals that train the students for higher education as well as jobs in food, pharma, agriculture, biotech and other sectors.

The Microbiology Society of M. G. Science (MSMG) is run by the students under the guidance of faculty to promote co-curricular activities such as organizing seminar, workshops, field trips, preparing students for competitive events, exams, etc. We have a healthy tradition of arranging a welcome and farewell event annually.

Annual/Semester/Choice Base credit System

The department has been following the university pattern since the year of establishment. Currently, we follow the semester system as per the CBCS structure that has been introduced by Gujarat University in 2011

The department has 156 students (total) in B.Sc. Microbiology programme (2018-19).

The department is involved in Placement activity of student and also involved in consultancy and research projects from DBT, GUJCOST, UGC, etc. Several students also pursue for doctoral degree under the Ph. D. guides in the department.



One day workshop on “Rapid identification methods for Enterobacteriaceae” in March 2019.


MSMG organized an event to felicitate Dr. Rashmi Barbhaiya an alumnus of the department for his distinguished contributions in pharma sector, on 20th Jan 2019.

Guest lectures by alumni of the department Dr. (Mrs.) Hemangini Vora (GCRI) and Mr. Darshak Bhatt, were arranged by MSMG under the aegis of UGC-CPE activities on 18th & 19th Dec. 2018, respectively.

MSMG organized visits for students to Calico museum, Institute of Indology, Seed and spices research center, etc. (2018-19).

Organized workshops on demonstration of “gDNA isolation from bacteria and agarose electrophoresis” (26th & 27th July 2018); and “Immunodiffusion” technique (9th & 10th Au. 2018) as part of UGC-CPE activities.


Dr. Vivek N. Upasani has been appointed as the HoD from 15th June 2018. He is an alumnus of the department and joined as a faculty in Nov. 1990.

Dr. Vivek N. Upasani has been appointed as member of the Executive Committee, AIC-LMCP. Ms. Dhun Patel, Ms. Krishna Pandya, Mr. Tarun Sambayel and Mr. Chandranil Gharekhan won the first / third prize at the state – level GiBioN event organized by Microbiology Study Circle, J. & J. College of Science, Nadiad on 3rd Jan 2019.

Students participated in GUJCOST & GoG sponsored seminar TheCell3MT organized by Govt. Science College, Khokhra, Ahmedabad on 12th Jan 2019. Five students won prizes in the Cross-word competition. Students participated in “SCIENCE MANTHAN-2019” organized by Charusat University, Changa on 5th Jan 2019. Mr. Chandranil Gharekahn and Tarun Sambeyal got First prize poster for “Research proposal”; and Riya Sheth, Khushali Makwana and Dimpal Gohil got Second prize for “Review poster”; Jasani Harsh, Jetwani Bhavika and Rathod Mital First prize in “What’s the in the Good word” competitions.

Mr. Tarun Sambeyal won the first prize in “Minaxi Lalit” competition organized by Gujarat University in Jan 2019.