Chemistry Department was established in 1946 along with the institute itself. Chemistry Department is the largest Department of M. G. Science Institute. Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, a well-known Scientist started research from Chemistry Department. PRL(Physical Research Laboratory) and ATIRA(Ahmedabad Textile Industrial Research Association) the esteemed institutes are originated from Chemistry Department.

The department of Chemistry has a rich history of excellent research and inspirational teaching. Chemistry Department started M Sc in Organic chemistry even before it was started by Gujarat University.

The department offers course such as B Sc in chemistry, M Sc in Organic chemistry and Diploma in Cheminformatics.

Chemistry is a wide subject and also known as a central science subject as it provides a foundation for understanding both basic and applied scientific disciplines Ct a fundamental level. The main branches of chemistry are Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Physical chemistry l and Analytical chemistry. The sub braches are medicinal chemistry, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Nano chemistry, Quantum mechanics, Cheminformatics, Environmental science, Dyes and Polymer chemistry etc. Chemistry plays important role in our day to day life and is a part of nearly all branches of biological sciences. Gujarat state is known as hub for Pharmaceuticals. Study in chemistry is interesting as it provides lot more opportunities in industry, academics and research as well, not limited only to state but across the country and abroad, too. The department has smart classrooms and four well equipped laboratories with necessary instruments. The department is also engaged in soil analysis program offered by Gujarat Government.

The chemistry department is the recipient of FIST grant from Department of Science and Technology. The faculty members are involved in Research projects from government funding agencies.

The department arranges regular study tours, industrial visit, popular talk on current topics and also the interview for placement after graduation and post graduation studies. Many students enroll for higher studies and about 50 students receive placement in reputed industries.

The current syllabus for B Sc Chemistry semester I to VI and M Sc Organic chemistry semester I to IV can be viewed here

Course Outcomes of Chemistry